Step On – Don’t Wait For Appy Mundays Tribute Excellence

It may not be Monday but you'll definitely be Happy when you book this superb group for your 90s evening! 

Appy mondays boys and girlIf you're thinking of a Britpop revival night then somewhere in your lineup you definitely need a Happy Monday's tribute.  Perhaps nothing captured the mad bonkers 90s better than this fun group, so you can be sure that any tribute is going to have to be right on point!. If it is though, your audience will be thanking you and demanding a re-run.  If that sounds good, then you want to stack the odds in your favour by booking the UK's most authentic, professional Mondays tribute band, the Appy Mundays.

The term 'better than the real thing' is often - wrongly - bandied around in the tribute world but in this case, it could well be true because this is a class act.  From the first arrival on stage and opening number, you can see this is a group that has a genuine affinity with and love for, the original.  These guys (and Gal) have survived many a brush with almost certain ridicule in the form of hard-core Mondays fans...but have come through unscathed, while winning quite a few new admirers along the way.

During the last year, Appy Mondays have come into their own with a huge number of gigs across the UK, including music festivals where they've gone down a storm. Whether it's Bez, Rowetta or Shaun Ryder that hits the spot, tributes to all three can be found in this band (and very good they are too!)

Bring the spirit of the nineties and Happy Monday back to life on your stage and leave your audience excited, exhilarated and, above all, glad they came.

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Appy Mundays cover band tribute

happy mondays tribute band looking cool

Song ListPackage

  • Step On
  • Kinky Afro
  • Loose Fit
  • Judge Fudge
  • Stinking Thinkin
  • The Boys Are Back In Town
  • More Great Happy Mondays songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

Full live Band

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artists insured with Performers Union