90s Tribute Band Absolute Stone Roses

Britpop 90s Explosion From This Top Tribute Band

Want to hark back to that missent 90s youth? Bringing attidtude and baggy chic the Absolute Stone Roses can help!  

Stone Roses Absolute cover bandWhen Ian Brown assembled the original band that were to become the Stone Roses, he had no idea they would be at the forefront of the 80's Manchester Movement and 90's Britpop tidal wave. After the dissolution of the band in '96 the Roses have reemerged and in 2011 began a reunion tour and recording work that continues to this day.

Credited with a huge influence in the 90s music scene and with some cracking tunes of their own, the Roses are ideal tribute material. Step forward none other than the Absolute Stone Roses to pick up the baton of bringing the originals songs to the audiences that haven't or couldn't see the legends themselves.

In this, they are extremely successful, as evidenced by the demand for tickets for their performances which seems to be a constant theme wherever this great band recreate the Roses songs and music. For such perfection, the band have to be big fans themselves and there's no question of just going through the motions at the live shows these guys perform. The authenticity and love the band have for their musical idols is obvious and this has resulted in an almost forensic search to ensure the highest fidelity when recreating the classic song catalogue of Ian and the boys.

All the greats are there of course from Resurrection through to I wanna be adored by way of  Made of Stone (and many more). If you have a Stone Roses favourite then it may well be in the repertoire of this fabulous cover band.

Looking to relive your 90's youth or simply fans of great music, the Absolute Stone Roses resurrect the tunes of the original legends to perfection.


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Absolute Live On Stage

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Song ListPackage

  • I Am The Resurrection
  • Fools Gold
  • Love Spreads
  • Waterfall
  • Made Of Stone
  • One Love
  • Elephant Stone
  • More Great Stone Roses Songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

Full live Band

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artists insured with Performers Union