A Touch Of HRH Royalty – Harry and Meghan Impersonators Extraordinaire

Meghan And Harry For Tea And Event Openings Anyone?

Everybody loves a wedding and with a Royal event in 2018 who wouldn't want 'HRH' and 'Meghan' appearing at their bid day?

A Royal marriage always makes the headlines of course! The UK, however, seems to have fallen in love with Meghan Markle and her dashing young prince (as the papers would put it).  How fitting then that Olivia and her partner have stepped in satisfy the whirlwind of demand for lookalike artists across the UK (and, increasingly, Europe).  Such has been the demand for the couple that both are already veteran appearance performers, even though Harry and Meghan mania has only been around for what seems like a few months. 

The couple are good likenesses for the originals and, with well-rehearsed mannerisms and accents, would certainly bring that extra something (not least the surprise factor) to events at which they appeared.

You can bet, though, that the demand for Meghan and Harry celeb lookalikes will only grow so contact us early and book the pair for your event now.


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With the Royal Wedding happening in may 2018, you can imagine that a lot of attention will be focussed on the latest Royal couple. Olivia and her partner have stepped in to ensure that a touch of lookalike class is available for those who really can’t hope for the real thing.

As Olivia discovered, it didn’t take too long after Meghan Markle surfaced for people to begin telling her how much she looked like the original. She became quite used to passers-by having a double take as she walked through the streets of London. With such demand, Olivia didn’t need much persuading to move into the celebrity lookalike world and with her partner (‘Prince Harry’) has become very popular.  From event openings to fundraisers to PR events and product launch events, the couple have found themselves in very high demand.

This celebrity lookalike couple are open various ideas regarding how their similarity can be used so why not get in touch and see what might be possible.

Personal Appearances, Birthdays, Openings, Weddings, Talent Judging may be negotiated around;

1 x 30 Minute Presentation

2 X 30 Minutes Performance

1 x 60 Minute Appearance

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes Appearance

Artist insured with Performers Union