Justin Time There Is An Ultimate Bieber On The Tribute Scene

If you're a Belieber and love Justin, or you think your audience will, then this is the Ultimate tribute act for your stage.

bieber impersonator keithSometimes, rarely, a performer appears on the scene almost from nowhere. You're left thinking 'what just happened' when all of a sudden the world is buzzing around a new precocious talent!.

An artist who falls firmly into that category is Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber. Justin's backstory is an interesting one, discovered as he was back in 2008 by a talent scout eyeing up his Youtube video postings - yes, really.  Between 2008 and now, this artist has become a giant in the world of modern popular music at what seems to be lightning speed and with inevitable personal behaviour baggage as a result. Rarely out of the news, Bieber is almost as well known for his appearance on the news as his music. That all said, surely then, he's not been around long enough to justify an impact on the tribute scene.  Think again!

One of today's most popular tribute requests JB has become something of a 'must have' for tribute agencies and the trouble has been finding an act that was up to the task of reproducing the songs and stage mannerisms of the original.   Step forward Ultimate Bieber, Keith

One of the most respected Bieber impersonators on the scene, Keith has perfected the originals performance and singing style to a tee.  That includes the clean-cut good looks that might have the ladies in your audience tempted to reproduce the teen hysteria that propelled Mr B to the top of Pop's star ladder.  Vocally talented and a great stage cancer Keith will deliver THE JB show you want.  Professional, a great vocalist and significant tribute talent if you aren't one already, Keith will turn you into a Belieber with his Ultimate show. Book now - you won't be disappointed!

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ultimate Bieber looks the business

Song ListPackage

  • Love Yourself
  • Baby
  • Sorry
  • Never Say Never
  • Beauty And The Beat
  • Boyfriend
  • What Do You Mean
  • Love Me
  • More Great Justin Bieber Songs.....

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes continuous show

Full live Band negotiable

With 2 or 4 Backing dancers

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artist insured with Musician’s Union