Blazing Rock Tribute – UK Guns N Roses Top The Lot!

Don't Doubt It - Europe's #1 GNR Tribute. Period!

Unquestionably the UK and Europe's top GNR cover band, these guys shake the stage with a hardcore rendition of the legendary band's greatest numbers!

Guns N Roses Tribute BandOk, so we know you don't hire a Guns N Roses tribute band for a quiet night which is why this incredibly authentic group are for serious events only. This is not a pub-corner show but if you can handle the sound and stage requirements, you can bet you and your audience are in for something just that little bit special from this entertainment extravaganza. 

The legendary rockers introduced the world to Axl, Slash and the gang back in 1987 with the release of their iconic album Appetite for Destruction. We guess the clue is in the title because from then on the band ascended to the legendary rock hall of fame from a base of classic hard rock sounds, colourful band members, amazing stage pyrotechnics and live surprises aplenty.  Since then the group have gone from strength to strength through several member changes and are still effortlessly filling large stadiums today.

The original GNR are one of those iconic groups where only the most serious and committed tribute performers should dare to tread when looking to recreate the original. A lot try but few succeed in our opinion but UK Guns N Roses blow it away.  We're not sure how the guys got to the level of perfection they're at but we do know an incredibly top class tribute group when we see one!

The show is a triumph and impressively faithful to the sounds of the original group. THis is a fully professional stage show with all the pizzazz, quality sound, lighting and effects that go to make up the complete recreated GNR show.  all the greats are there, of course, so if you have a well-known Guns favourite then expect it to make an appearance.  From Sweet Child O' Mine through Paradise City and Welcome to the Jungle, the band rip it up arriving at the later album classics of Estranged and Civil War.  Delivered with a real flavour of the original, this is as close as you'll get to see Guns 'N Roses themselves - yes, it really is that good a show!. 

If you're in the market for a Guns N Roses tribute show that does justice to the original then don't hesitate - contact us now to book UK GNR but plan well in advance. Bands this good aren't available at short notice!

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Guns N Roses cover band

UKGNR live on stage

Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Sweet Child Of Mine
  • Live And Let Die
  • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  • Patience
  • November Rain
  • Paradise City
  • One In A Million
  • Estranged
  • More Great Guns N Roses Songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes continuous show

Full live Band

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artist insured with Performers Union