Beach Boys Tribute Band – Smile, They’re Brilliant!

Surf's Up And It's Pretty Cool On The Harmonies

If you like your Surf music, young, cool and with perfect harmony vocals then you're in for good vibrations with this Beach Boys Tribute band.

Very few bands are so synonymous with the music style they produced but when it comes to Surf music and that California sound, only one super group really comes to mind.  The Beach Boys were arguably one of the most influential bands in pop music history and there surely can't be anyone on the planet that can't name at least one of their hit songs.

With that pedigree and catalogue of terrific music, what can possibly go wrong?. Lots, as it happens because reproducing the original harmony sound of the iconic original group, is really quite a challenge.  Don't even try unless you have a great A Cappella sound without instruments.  No pressure then and it shows because Smile is a group that's incredibly true to the original BB sound without seemingly trying. A 'Stop audiences in their tracks' kind of authenticity that any appreciative viewer will enjoy - whether a Beach Boys fan or not!.

Add in a terrific sense of West Coast fun and energy and you have the perfect uplifting group for parties, weddings or club evenings. With close harmony singing and superb musicianship, this group or artists delivers in one of the trickiest areas (close harmony singing with instruments) in music. Barbara Ann, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Help Me Rhonda and all the famous tunes are in this show. You'll be singing them when you head home because they have a way of sticking in the memory.

So if you're looking for a top flight cover band that can do more than justice tot he Surfin sound then look no further. God only knows, Smile has it nailed to perfection. Sit back, tee-up the cocktails and let the fantastic 60s West Coast sound wash over you (Hawaiian shirts optional)!




Super Surfing Revival From This Great Beach Boys Tribute Band

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Beach Boys tribute band SMILE at glastonbury

Smile on stage with BB tribute

Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Surfin’ USA
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  • California Girls
  • Kokomo
  • Good Vibrations
  • God Only Knows
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Fun, Fun, Fun
  • More Great Beach Boys Songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes continuous show

Full live Band

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artist insured musicians union