Slade Tribute Band Slyde Alive – What Would Noddy Say!

Glam Rock Lives With 70s Stompers Slyde Alive

Remember those days when men were men and men, well...wore silver spangly suits and stack heels. Unfortunately we do, so we know how authentic Slade tribute band Slyde Alive really are!

He might be advertising crisps now but the days were when Noddy Holder and his glam supergroup Slade could do no wrong.  Even though they may never be forgiven by many for THAT Christmas song, Slade was actually a top, top band under all the makeup and silver lame stage gear.  

Boasting an impressive list of top pop tunes they exploded out of 1970s Wolverhampton and onto the music scene like a cross between hard rock and Liberace.  They made their mark by becoming the first band to enter the pop charts at #1 with 3 songs and had six crunching chart toppers at the height of their musical career.

Tough act to follow then but among those brave enough to try is Slyde Alive. In fact, they don't just attempt to match the original but succeed to the extent that they are considered the number one Slade cover group in the UK. So much so that even the great Noddy and Don Powell the original band's drummer give Slyde their seal of approval.

So if it's good enough for those two then it's good enough for most of us and we can promise you an evening or festival of tremendous Slade hits (yes, that Christmas one as well) that will leave you exhausted but happy. Audience antipathy is unknown to this band of guys so don't expect your audience to just come and watch! Great hits, great atmosphere and, above all, truly great songs. Recreate the Glam bang of the 70s with one of that era's top musical foursomes - courtesy of Slyde Alive.

Slade Tribute Band Slyde Alive Rev It Up - From A1 Star Tributes

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Slyde Alive Slade Cover Band 70s Tribute

Slyde Alive Slade Tribute Band on stage tv studio


Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Cum On Feel The Noize
  • Gudbuy T’Jane
  • Here It Is Merry Xmas
  • Mama We’re All Crazee Now
  • How Does It Feel
  • Run Runaway
  • My Oh MY
  • Far Far Away
  • Everyday
  • Coz I Luv You
  • More Great Slade Songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes continuous show

Full live Band

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artist insured via musicians union.