Under The Moon Of Love – Showaddywaddy Tribute The Heartbeats

Teddy Boy Suits, Dark Shades, 50s Rock Harmonies

The Heartbeats recreate the fantastic sounds of the 50s and bring the great songs covered by Showaddywaddy to your stage.


Some say that modern pop music began in the 1950s and continued on into the 60s. Either way, the 50s decade produced some wonderful songs, often deceptive in their simplicity but extremely memorable.  For those that can remember that decade it was great to be young and get the jive shoes out for Saturday nights at the local ballroom.

Recreating such nights is one of our most popular requests and what better way than through a great musical tribute to the band that brought it all back, Showaddywaddy.  The Heartbeats have the looks and moves plus tight harmonies of that great band. Delivering great songs is only part of the package, however, as getting the audience up and dancing is the main aim of the band.  On both counts, they succeed and this is a terrifically fun enjoyable show that will bring back memories if you were there or get you boogying if you weren't.

The Heartbeats have performed throughout both the UK and Europe so if you're young and want to hear the classic tunes or just young at heart and want to dance, this show is for you.

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The Heartbeats 50s band

Showaddywaddy tribute Band The Heartbeats

The Heartbeats Cover Band

Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Under The Moon Of Love
  • 3 Steps To Heaven
  • You Got What It Takes
  • A Little Bit Of Soap
  • The Book Of Love
  • Heartbeat
  • Pretty Little Angel Eyes
  • More Great Songs…..

This package based around;

Tribute band plus Powerful PA Quality backing tracks, and Full lighting – 1 x 60 mins or 2 x 45 mins

Artists insured with the Performers Union