Shake It Up Olly – Karl Delivers A Stunning Tribute

Tribute To A Newcomer? It's Mr Olly Murs - Karl

Surely Olly hasn't been around long enough to have a Tribute act already? Karl begs to differ and finds himself more popular than even he thought!

Karl has been strutting his stuff on stage for over 11 years and a large chunk of that has been in tribute to the cheeky chappy Olly Murs himself. Now you may well ask how someone so new to showbiz could have a tribute act dedicated to him but you might be surprised to hear that Olly has been famous since 2009 - more than enough time to get the tribute scene alight.

Murs is known for his easy stage charm and great singing voice, both also faithfully captured by the UK's leading Olly impersonator and soundalike, Karl. His 'Almost Olly' show is in great demand and Karl has performed to great plaudits on the Cruise liner circuit, many of the countries largest nightclubs and in select venues across Europe. Karl is an experienced performer and adept at judging just what his audience want. He definitely delivers as the number of fans watching him multiple times confirms.

The show is a mix of up-tempo song and dance numbers and croony, swoon ballads which are guaranteed to get the ladies hot under the collar. There are always legions of youngsters at Karls show and his popularity only increases with each passing year. We've seen him in action small stages and large and we can confidently tell you this boy is 'well good' as his fans might say!

These folks certainly thought Karl nailed it!

Karl lewis channels Olly Murs in this modern day Tribute Act that ticks all fans boxes.  Book now from A1 Star Tributes

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Olly Murs Tribute by Karl Lewis

Songs ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • All Of Me
  • Thinking Of Me
  • Please Don’t Let Me Go
  • Heart On My Sleeve
  • Superstition
  • Right Place, Right Time
  • Troublemaker
  • Heart Skips A Beat
  • More Great Olly Songs…..

Package based around either;

2 X 30 Minutes Performance

1 x 60 Minute Show

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support where required

Artist insured with Performers Union