Serenading Over Supper – Singing Waiters By Matt J

Songs over the steak, ballads over the beef noodles or crooning during the chocolate brownies - it's the Singing Waiters!  

singing waiters actAre you holding a birthday party at your favourite restaurant? Are you planning to propose to your partner? Is it time to award your 'Employee of the year' accolade?  Whatever the occasion you can add that little bit of extra delight by booking an appearance by the Singing Waiters.

This duo offers the perfect surprise appearance that will light up any evening, bursting into song at the crucial moment or apparently part of the Restaurant staff from the beginning.  However you would like to choreograph your Waiters moment, this act will oblige (within reason of course!). Watch the surprise on your guest's faces when the 'serving staff' suddenly burst into song!

This is an incredibly dynamic duo so expect an up-tempo session that will get everyone of all ages dancing, clapping and generally joining in the fun. 

To make your Restaurant experience that extra bit special, hire the Singing Waiters from A1

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Matt jansen swings the singing waiter