Reggae And Ska Madness – Nutty 2 Tones Tribute Act

Park The Lambrettas It's Nutty Time!

Ska and Reggae kicks off a night of great fun and madness with the two Nuttys at your event!

Remember the fun-filled days of Ska and Reggae madness. Indeed, do you remember Madness who made us all wonder if this was serious music even as we couldn't help enjoy the zaniness taking place before our eyes!  In amongst all the madness and mayhem, though, there were some very good songs as labels such as two-Tone came and went in the musical blink of an eye back in the late 70s.

Looking to recreate the Ska revival period are these two guys, The Nutty 2 Tones who are, if you will, a Ska Tribute Duo. If you're looking for an evening of Ska and Reggae nostalgia then this act will certainly deliver the goods. Recreating all the most famous songs of that all too brief period (One Step Beyond, Too Much Too Young, Ghost Town and others) you can be sure the evening will go down a storm for the Ska-inclined members of the audience.

So break out your drainpipes and Trilby hats and get ready for some Ska-madness from the Nutties!


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Ska Tribute Duo

Ska Tribute Duo

Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Ghost Town
  • One Step Beyond
  • The Impression That I get
  • My Boy Lollipop
  • Too Much Too Young
  • Three Minute Hero
  • Monkey Man
  • Guns Of Navarone
  • More Great Ska Songs…..

This package based around either;

1 x 60 Minute Show

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

1 x 90 Minutes continuous show

Includes Sound Equipment,Top Quality Backing Tracks and Lighting Support

Artist insured with Performers Union