Status Quo Tribute Band – Quo-Incidence Rock

Rick And Francis Lookalikes Rip It Up Live

WIth over four decades in the business, Status Quo have had some fantastic hits and developed the signature sound.  Could anyone do them justice?

 QuoIncidence Rick and FrancisOK, so Quo really begin after Pictures of Matchstick Men (we'll ignore that one) and from then on have stood astride the Rock stage like the 12-bar blues Gods they are.  Actually, we do them a disservice because they're a lot more capable and individualistic than that. So much so that they have created a fantastic career around understanding what makes great rock music and reproducing it live on stage (can we ever forget them kicking off Live Aid back in the 80's!)

Recreating the Quo sound and stage show is quite an undertaking and if you're looking for a Quo tribute band for your event then you'll have your work cut out. The original produces sounds that seem oh so easy to copy and yet few are able to do it authentically. Quo-Incidence have definitely achieved it though and are now regarded as probably the No 1 Quo tribute band in the UK

Kicking off their tribute show with Caroline, yu can hear in the first few bars how true to the original's sound this lookalike cover band are. Capturing the very essence of the legends, these guys will have the heads banging and audience boogieing in no time at all. Highly entertaining and a lot of loud, energetic, fun this probably isn't a show to take your Grandma too but if  you need a great Quo tribute then this band, one of our Platinum collection of top tributes, ticks all the boxes.

Disappointed Fans? I Don't Think So!

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Status QUo Tribute Band QuoIncidence

QuoIncidence Cover Band Lookalike Soundalike


Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Rocking All Over The World
  • Whatever You Want
  • Down Down
  • Caroline
  • In The Army Now
  • Rain
  • Paper Plane
  • What Your Proposing
  • More Great Quo Numbers…..

This package based around;

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

PA, Sound engineer and full lighting support

Optional DJ and Sounds

Artist insured with Performers Union