Night At The Movies – Musical Favourites Live Show

If you had to choose the best, foot-tapping, sing-along, joyful musical movies of the last 30 years then finding the top four probably wouldn't be too hard.  You can see what we think they are from the image above and all four are brought excitingly and vividly to life by this multi-talented and professionally-trained group. With two boys and two girls operating on full throttle you can bet you're in for a night of fantastic tunes, top vocals and great dancing.

Movie The Night Away recreates the great songs from some of the greates musical films of the modern era with the emaphasis on teh big four. A firm audience favourite, this is a show which almost guarantees to please a demanding audience. You may like one, you may like two, you probably like all four of these great movies. This is as close to being able to predict a successful event as you get - and we have the audience approval ratings to confirm it.

So, for a trip down nostalgia road with four of the greates modern music and dance films (and a few extras besides), book Movie The Night Away now. You won't be disappointed.


Great group of talented singers and dancers bring your favourite Movie Musicals to life!

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Movie Night Mama Mia

Movie Night Saturday Night Fever

Movie Night Dirty Dancing