Live Music In The Swing – The Bogart Band

Sharp Suits, Hats and Looks, the Immaculate Bogarte Band

Big Band music was hugely popular in the early part of the last century. Actually, it's nearly as popular today!

With Double bass and Drums anchoring a woodwind and, mainly, brass lead section, Jazz-based swing music took the world by storm in early 20th Century. Giants of their time like Benny Goodman were the pop stars of those days and the wonderful, highly danceable swing sound soon became a hot favourite around the ballrooms and clubs.

Still hugely popular with today's dancers, the Bogart band have tapped into that desire and aim to reproduce the fantastic sounds and jazz/blues rhythms of those bygone days.  The fact that their shows are almost always booked out shows just how popular both they and their music are.

Whether a wedding a dance club or just a special event, the Bogart Band will deliver just what you're looking from the lexicon of great Swing tunes.  Mixed with interpretations of more modern classic pop, this is a perfect blend for almost any event. Consisting of a 9-piece ensemble including two female singers, the band look, sound and perform in the style of the roaring 20s or jazz-centric 1940's. You can't help but be sucked into their performance and you'll soon be tapping feet or using them to dance to the amazing Swing sounds of Bogart.

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