Four Seasons Flashback – Jersey Boys Tribute Act Frankie’s Guys

Slick Hair And Sharp Suits For This Frankie Valli Tribute Band

Impossibly high harmonies abound in this wonderful live recreation of the Jersey Boys sound!

Four Seasons look and soundalikes, Frankie's GuysNo one quite knows how Frankie Valli and his band, the Four Seasons achieved those high harmonies...except perhaps for Frankie's Guys who have them down pat.  That kind of authenticity doesn't come easily though and it's impossible not to see (and hear) how much work this Jersey Boys Tribute act has put in.  It pays dividends though with one of the most stunningly faithful UK recreation of the original band's incredible stage sound. We're talking live of course - no canned vocals here so prepare to be mightily impressed by Frankie's Guys.

The show kicks off at a high tempo and rarely eases it's foot off the gas pedal. This is a tour de force through the musical career and iconic hit songs of one of the best tight Harmony groups America has produced.  A highly polished and professional outfit, these Guys  have a marvellous reputation within the industry for the quality of show and professionalism they bring.

Whether kicking off with 'Bye Bye Baby' to drifting into the much later years of 'Grease' your audience will find it hard not to be drawn into the musical world of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (aka The Jersey Boys). Whether looking to dance or simply watch you will find the audience reaction, delightful. Really, the only problem your likely to have is rebooking Frankie's Guys to keep the punters happy.

Plan early, therefore, and get your booking in to have this superb four-piece live on your stage in the near future!

Strongly recommended recreation of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons sound on your stage

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Jersey Boys Tribute band

Frankies Guys 4 Seasons Soundalikes


Song ListVideo/AudioPackage

  • Sherry
  • Big Girls
  • Walk Like A Man
  • You’re Just Too Good To Be True
  • Stay
  • Grease
  • Cry For Me
  • Bye Bye Baby
  • More Great Four Seasons Songs…..

This package based around either;

The show features 4 male vocalist and runs at 1 x 45, 1 x hour or 2 x 45’s but can be tailored to suit most requirements.

The show audio is delivered from high quality custom made backing tracks or can be backed by a 4-12 piece live band.

Another element that really sets the tone and standard of this show are the bespoke video graphics that run seamlessly throughout, ideal to suit large venues with LED/Projection screens.

When required, any number of gorgeous female dancers can also be provided.

Artist insured via musicians union.