A1 Murder Mysteries – Don The Deerstalker And Figure Out Who Dunnit!

Murder Mystery Event EveningsThink you have the makings of a Master Detective!.....believe you and your workmates make the ultimate detective team?  Why not put your chutzpah to the test with one of our A1 Murder Mystery events!

Why Book A Murder Mystery Theme Night?

By now you've probably heard about Murder Mystery Theme nights, and you're dying to try it. Everyone who tells you about it only increases your eagerness to see how everything is going to play out. And why shouldn't you? It comes with some great benefits, and it's a night you won't forget. So, in light of helping you decide whether this type of group event is right for you then consider this;

What Is It?

The premise of the event is pretty simple. Somebody gets murdered while at the party, and everybody turns into a suspect. It's also the signal that everyone needs to put on their thinking caps if they are going to catch the killer.

The great thing about an event like this is the different approaches you can use. Who wouldn't want to track down the culprit in events such as The Mucklingotn Murders (1930's) or see who can solve the slightly supernatural secrets of the Eyes of Jonathan Gray (set in the 1940's)?  There are many historical scenarios and we guarantee there will be at least one in our list of options that makes you want to get out the bloodhounds and get tracking!  Who will unmask the killer!

There are two basic Formats

What we might consider the Classic Murder Mystery

This evening begins with a dinner and participation of five professional performers who play various roles including a detective of Police officer. The professionals join your party for the meal and each table will get to spend time with each actor questioning them on the evening ahead. In these conversations, other characters will be introduced, early clues (and red herrings) imparted and the scene set for the remainder of the evening.

Needless to say, it won't be long before there is a fatality or two and your party will then be swept up into the hunt which will finish with a masterly unmasking of the perpetrator!

There is also The Murder Game

With this format, guests are split into teams by the professional actors participating. Some members are invited to become suspects while others are split into groups for the investigation to begin into a murder or murders that have already happened. The detective groups are guided into asking the suspects key questions while the professional policemen guide and pass around clues.

Bespoke formats

For the truly adventurous we are able to offer tailored evenings in addition to the many storylines we offer as standard. If you want a truly bespoke evening then contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Appeal

Everyone loves the idea of stepping into a detective's shoes, if only for a night and only for fun. When everything is so perfectly planned, it really helps to sell the authenticity of what you are trying to create. Which brings us to the second benefit, namely the versatility of the game.

Employers can use it for team building and for special occasions. It's an event that requires everyone to participate, and people have to work together if the murder is going to be solved.

Alternatively, you can use it as a theme for your next birthday party, ensuring everyone will have a great time. Thanks to the different ways the game can be altered and customized according to the size of the group and the overall goal, you won't be disappointed with your theme choice.

Then, of course, it's incredibly fun to take part in for everyone.

And what about the thought of being part of such a meticulous game? Everyone has one goal in mind, everyone knows the rules, and everyone is enjoying themselves while they put the clues together.

A Final Thought

One of the biggest problems hosts have with a party setting is getting everyone involved. With a Murder Mystery Theme night, this problem disappears because everyone instantly becomes part of the bigger picture. Every single individual is important.

So go ahead, get your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker on and invite your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same. It's a night you will never forget!

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Murder Mystery Show

Murder Mystery Show

Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants can there be?

With both our main event types the numbers can vary from 12 to around 130

Is there a choice of Storylines?

There are a number of diverse storylines with both the Classic Mystery and Murder Game styles

Does An evening always include a meal?

Evenings are generally built around a meal but it's not essential. Just advise us when making a booking

What types of venue suit these evenings?

Most are suitable (hotels, clubs, marquees, private homes, village halls) as long as there is sufficient space for guests and our actors!

Do we need to dress up?

Dressing up is optional but we find it it is possible it adds greatly to the atmosphere and fun of the event.

Do we work in teams?

In groups or as individuals but teams are the most popular we find