Sultans Of Tribute – Dire Straits:UK Cover Band

Not Money For Nothin Just A Great Tribute

Bring Mark Knopflers Iconic Guitar sound and fantastic songs to your stage with this spectacular cover Band.

Dire Straits:UK KeysIs it really nearly 40 years since Dire Straits hit us between the eyes with Sultans' of Swing and that incredible guitar sound? yes it is and they are no longer around as a band but....there is Dire Straits:UK.

Reproducing the biggest stadium live band on the planet at the height of their fame is no mean challenge but one readily accepted by this cover band. Formed in 2015 by already successful (session) musicians, Dire Straits:UK faithfully recreates the energy, arrangements and, of course, Knopfler's famous guitar sound. To be able to play authentically, you need to have a love for the original Band and these boys (and a girl) have it in spades. Indeed, several took up musicianship after first hearing the legendary 'Sultans of Swing'

It's all in there, even the famous Sax and Keyboard lines that made the original band and their tunes so famous. So if you're looking for a truly accurate Straits tribute act then don't look any further than Dire Straits:UK

A1 Star Tributes presents Dire Straits:UK, one of Britain's Top Cover Bands

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Dire Straits Tribute Band

Dire Straits: UK


Song ListVideo/AudioPackage
  • Sultans Of Swing
  • Money For Nothing
  • Walk Of Life
  • Lady Writer
  • Romeo And Juliet
  • So Far Away
  • More Great Straits Songs.....

This package based around either;

2 x 45 Minutes Performance

Includes Sound Equipment, Lighting Support

Artists insured with Performers Union

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