Simply The Best – Drag Artist Ceri Tops The Charts

Female Impersonator Ceri Leaves The Rest Standing

Sequin Up folks and get ready for a sensory overload as uber-glam Ceri brings her top act to town.

Acknowledged top Drag performer in Wales, this lady is going to set the house alight wherever 'she' performs. Bringing her extravaganza to stages around the world for almost 30 years this performer is a true superstar in the world of female impersonators. Perhaps that's whey Ceri was the subject of a mini-series on ITV all about her stage show and life in the entertainment world (Ceri Dupree Unfrocked is well worth looking up and watching!)

With this performer, the stunning, elegant glamour is there but so is an amazingly versatile artist of great vocal ability, wit and charm. Coupled with a magnetic stage presence, you can be sure that when you book this superb performer you are pretty much guaranteed a professionally presented and successful event. Just ask hotels like the Dorchester and Claridges whose functions she has graced.

Ceri Dupree Facts

  • Was born in and hails from Swansea, Wales
  • Act based on great drag and comedian artists such as Stanley Baxter, Danny La Rue and Dick Emery
  • Chose the stage name Dupree by blindly selecting from choices in a hat!
  • First performance in Character 1983
  • Has appeared across Europe (Greece, France, The Netherlands, Germany)
  • Has performed as Margaret Thatcher, Jordan and Cruella DeVille during career

Now, these type of acts are not everyone's cup of tea but top performers can become very famous (think of a few household names from the past). This artist is definitely at the top of the game and surely on the verge of stardom. So If a drag performer is part of your evening then don't fact, get in touch fast because demand for Ceri is high and forward planning is most definitely required.

Elegant, talented, charming, hilarious and a great observer of people, we highly recommend this superb artist to you without hesitation.


For A Glamorous Night, Book Wales's TOP Female Impersonator Ceri From A1 Star Tributes

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female drag artist c dupree

Drag Queen Ceri Dupree

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