Call For The Boss – Springsteen Tribute Act Enzo

Dancing In The Dark To This Great Act

Accomplished Guitarist/Vocalist Enzo channels the iconic 'Boss' with his Bruce Springsteen tribute act. 

The best Tributes often come from artists who have made it a passion to reproduce the sound, look and feel of their idols.  Enzo is one such case and you be sure that  it's reflected in the quality and authenticity of this stomping show.  

Enzo is a talented guitarist/vocalist in his own right and performs as such but his speciality is the Boss. Many years ago, Enzo became interested in the legendary E-Street performer and was soon taken over by the  love and appreciation of the original's songs and, especially, legendary stage performances. There was perhaps no bigger Springsteen fan than Enzo himself.

The beneficiaries of that devotion are his audiences who will be surprised and delighted by this show. If they don't leave the event feeling they've seen the original then it would be a surprise, such is the quality of Enzo's performance. All the great hits are there of course, from 'Dancing in the Dark' and 'Hungry Heart' to the anthemic 'Born in the USA' (try remaining sat down to that last one!)

So, if you're hungry for the Boss then contact us for a great night and memorable show from this great Bruce Springsteen tribute act..

A1 Star Tributes and Enzo With A Great Springsteen tribute Show Cover Bands

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Bruce Springsteen Tribute Act Enzo



Song ListVideo/AudioPackage
  • Born In The USA
  • Dancing In The Dark
  • Hungry Heart
  • Because The Night
  • Badlands
  • Born To Run
  • More Great Boss Songs.....

This package based around either;

Option1 –Includes Powerful PA Quality backing tracks, and Full lighting – 1 x 60 mins or 2 x 45 mins

Option 2 Includes Live 4 piece band- Powerful PA and Full lighting – 1 x 60 mins or 2 x 45 mins (Consists of Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums , brass section)

Artists insured with Performers Union

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