Will You Walk The Line? – Johnny Cash Tribute Act David B

'Hello I'm Johnny Cash' Says The Man In Black

Ok, so no jokes about a 'Ring of Fire' just a first class lookalike and soundalike Johnny Cash tribute act by David Bishop.

David Bishop as Johnny CashOne of, if not THE best-known singer in male country music, Johnny Cash was an understated superstar in his heydey.  Even today songs like Ring of Fire and Walk The Line as well as the legendary Folsom Prison Blues are amongst the first songs referred to by fans of the country music genre.

The man himself was humble and some say, not really understanding of the worldwide fame he enjoyed. What great music though and any tribute artist paying due respects to Johnny has a fantastic catalogue to work with.

Among the UKs best is David Bishop. With many of the best tribute performers, their love of their idol carry's through into the show they produce. This is certainly true of David who grew up on a diet of JC records. A committed fan, he has and, indeed, continues, to spend thousands of hours and pounds perfecting his show. Boy, does it show and there are few more dedicated performers to the Man in Black than this guy. He most definitely is a man on a mission and that is to spread the Johnny Cash legend and convert as many of the audience to fans as he can.

So, if you want to hear the great songs, see one of the UKs great Johnny Cash tribute act artists and take yourself back to the great days of country music then look no further than David.

David rules the show with this audience feedback

The Gravelly-voiced Man in Black - David Bishop's Johnny Cash Show through A1 Star Tributes

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Johnny Cash Tribute Act

Johnny Cash Impersonator And Soundalike David

Song ListVideo/AudioPackage
  • Hurt
  • Ring Of Fire
  • I Walk The Line
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • A Boy Named Sue
  • God's Gonna Cut You Down
  • One Piece At A Time
  • Riders In The Sky
  • More Great Johnny Cash Songs.....

This package based around either;

Option 1 - Includes Solo act, PA, quality backing tracks, sound engineer and Full lighting - 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 45 mins

Option 2 - Includes Singer, PA, quality backing tracks, Guitarist , sound engineer and Full lighting - 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 45 mins

Option 3 - Includes Singer, PA, live 4 piece band, sound engineer and Full lighting - 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 45 mins

Artist insured with Performers Union

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